Apart from improving the aesthetic appeal and the functionality of your kitchen, there are several other advantages of remodeling your kitchen. It will improve the resale value of your home for one thing. Other than that, it will make your life in the kitchen much easier.

But is kitchen design and remodeling an easy thing to accomplish? Can you do it yourself with a pen and a paper in hand? No reason why you can’t if you have a basic idea about the design and layout.

It is said by most interior design experts that the layout is the key to remodeling a kitchen. Rather than only focusing on creating a stunning looking kitchen, try and pay special attention to the location of appliances, cabinets and sinks.

Apart from this, the food prep area, the lighting and the easiest arrangement for the sink and the stove.

An Island

You might notice an L shaped counter with an island in most modern kitchens nowadays. It sure looks appealing enough but does it fit into your scheme of things?

Look at it this way, when you are looking to prepare anything, you should be able to do it with minimum steps between the stove and the sink.

All the appliances, food items and more importantly the refrigerator need to be aptly located. If you have to move across several times to the refrigerator then you need to think or relocating it.


You might be tempted to fancy looking cabinets on the basis of their covers. But make sure that you pay equal attention to what is inside to ensure that there is optimum storage space.

Wood drawers with under-mounted glides are a wonderful addition to most kitchens. Try and avoid glass paned doors especially if you are not much of a spick and span person.

If you are trying to remodel your kitchen, then hopefully this article help you to decide.

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