We are assuming your new sink already has strainers installed and the faucet set installed and there’s an open hole in your counter top.No matter what type of new sink your installing it is always a good idea to put a bead of adhesive kitchen caulking around the bottom of the rim where it comes in contact with the counter top. This will assure the sink will not move around after installation and most times this is all that’s needed to secure it in place. It is a good idea to have someone help you set the sink in place, one person above and one person under the cabinet to help guide it into the hole.

If you need to install a kitchen sink, there are some models of sinks that have mounting screws attached to the lower rim, under the cabinet. These are normally held in place with a metal clamp. They should be secured all the way around the sink. There should be instruction sheet that came with your new sink to show you the location of the screws and clamps. Now that your sink is in place exactly where you like it make sure you measure off the back splash at both corners so the sink is square with the counter top. You can either tape the new sink in place with wide masking tape or wait 24 hours for the caulking to set up before finishing your installation.

The remainder of our work happens inside the cabinet, under the sink. The better lighting you have and the more cushion for your back the easier your job will be. I like to hook up the water supply first, as they are furthest back in the hole and most flexible. The only concern is hooking the hot to the hot and cold to the cold.

It’s easy to find out which one is the hot if you have a dishwasher as that extra line will be going to the hot valve, typically the hot is on the left and the cold is on the right. There is no need for Teflon tape as your new supply lines have a rubber gasket to seal the water, so just tighten them down with a crescent wrench and, again, do not over tightening. Turn the valves on and take a paper towel to check for any leaks.

The waste connection is a series of plastic, or metal, pipes which fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. In a two bowl configuration there are two strainers that tie together and then go through a P trap before entering the wall. You can purchase an entire set of waste pipes from any hardware store and follow the directions included in the packaging. It is always a good idea to replace the seal at the wall flange. When your installation is complete plug the strainers, fill the sink with water, unplugged the strainers and check for leaks on your waste lines. Finish the job by putting a small bead of caulking around the sink and faucet set and you’re ready to use your new sink.

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